Today's Tickets @ 2 Song: "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar
By Brandon Castillo

How’s that new smartphone working out for you?  Isn’t that new television with that built-in webcam cool? Or How about that new AC thermostat that you can control with your new tablet computer?

Well all of those items plus a collection of other new gadgets are probably spying on you without you even knowing about it!

Here’s list of those items!  Are you protected?

1. Your Television – A Computer Security company proved that it could hack Samsung’s newest televisions, accessing users’ settings, installing malware on the TVs and any connected devices, and harvesting all the personal data stored on the machine. They could even switch on the camera embedded in the TV and watch viewers watching the set.

2. Your Cable Box – Most new boxes have cameras built in to them.  It can be hacked!

3. Your Dishwasher, Clothes Dryer, Toaster, Clock Radio and Remote Control – Most of these new appliances all now connect to the Internet. It can be hacked!!

4. Your Lights – Home security monitoring systems can monitor your lights. In addition to tracking your schedule, taking control of your home lighting system could help robbers invade your home by turning off the lights and keeping them off during an invasion.

5. Your Heat and A/C – Most new thermostats connect to the internet.  Hackers can track the use and know when you are home.

6. Security Alarms – Very easy to hack!

7. Insulin Pumps and Pacemakers – In 2012 a hacker proved he could kill a diabetic person from 300 feet away by ordering an insulin pump to deliver fatal doses of insulin. This summer he announced he could hack pacemakers and implanted defibrillators.

8. Smartphones – Microphone, still and video camera, geo-locating device, and computer software that can steal your personal passwords, hack your bank accounts, hijack your email and take control of other devices.

9. Your Tablet and Computer – Most tablets and computers have all the same tools as smartphones and some have even more.  They can be hacked!

Get more detail information about how these devices can spy on you HERE!


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