Arnold Schwarzenegger Delivers Famous Movie Lines Chosen By Fans

No matter how hard we try, it’s impossible to resist the urge to recite classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie lines in your best ‘Ahhhnold’ voice.

Even Arnold himself acknowledges this favorite fan past-time and decided to have a little fun with his legion of fans to celebrate the release of his new movie with Sylvester Stallone, Escape Plan, which hit theaters on Friday.

According to Buzzfeed, Arnold wrote a Reddit post asking fans to submit their favorite movie lines for him to perform:

Whenever I go to an event, someone asks me to yell out one of my lines. Even when I walk into Starbucks, people scream at me to “Get to the choppa.”

So to celebrate Escape Plan hitting theaters today, since I’ve already done an AMA and a Fitness AMA and I pop in on /r/fitness when I can, I thought it would be fun to offer myself to yell out all of your favorite lines.

I’m on set, so I will check in and upload the videos as responses throughout the day. I can’t wait to scream one of my wilder lines and scare the crew.

Arnold upheld his promise to fans and picked out his favorite requests submitted by fans and record short videos reciting his most iconic movie lines.

Here are a few standouts from the bunch:

One from his new movie Escape Plan: “You hit like a vegetarian.”

Jingle All The Way: “Put that cookie down!”

Kindergarten Cop: “It’s not a tumor”

The Running Man:  “But I hope you leave enough room for my fist because I’m going to ram it into your stomach and break your god-damn spine!”

And of course he saved the best line for last:

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