Hypnotist Michael Mezmer Regresses Lisa Stanley To Her Past Life

In celebration of all things spooky-scary this Halloween, we invited clinical hypnotherapist Michael Mezmer to the K-EARTH 101 Morning Show to put Lisa Stanley in a deep state of hypnosis and try to pinpoint the cause of her fear of wearing turtlenecks.

Through hypnosis, Mezmer explained that he can’t force a participant to get over whatever fear they may have, but uses it as a positive tool to “help them and give them a boost so they can get over phobias.”

So Mezmer put Lisa in a state of what he calls “controlled-daydreaming,” in which she’s fully aware of her surroundings and what’s happening to her, but is completely relaxed. In this state of hypnosis, Mezmer explained, participants have “access to our sub-consciousness mind, and in doing so, we can make these positive changes.”

Before regressing Lisa back to a moment in time, Mezmer explained his personal theory on past lives, which he believes “relate to things that our great, great, great, great relatives have experienced, seen or done in the past.”

“We only use about ten percent of our minds – I think the mind is a big hard drive filled just like how you might have the same eye color as a great-grandfather…well there must be memory ingrains that come down the line that store all of the information that we’ve…experienced through lives,” he explained.

Michael Mezmer in studio

In order to figure out what exactly caused Lisa to have a phobia of wearing turtlenecks, Mezmer took her back in the past to find out what may have happened.

Remember this is not a magic trick, Mezmer reminds, it is “about relaxing and being able to access that time” and dealing with what emerges from your sub-consciousness.

While in a trance, he assures Lisa that she is safe and any visions she may have will be like watching the events unfold in a movie and won’t affect her no matter how dramatic it may be.

When taken back to that moment in time, Lisa envisions herself “walking though dirt” and wearing a long, white dress that “looks like there’s an apron on it.”

As her vision continues, Lisa says she sees “lots of people running away” because they were “afraid,” but doesn’t know if they are afraid of her. Lisa is also holding a big, handwritten book in her hands while walking around.

Lisa’s vision continues on much further as Mezmer takes her back to that moment that caused her to have a fear of turtlenecks. It’s pretty wild, watch what unfolds in the video below.

Michael Mezmer also hypnotized Paul the Intern to make him believe that he was former Beatle Paul McCartney and make him sing their hit “Yesterday.” Watch below.

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