Lea Thompson Talks ‘Switched At Birth’, Presenting At The Golden Globes & More

This morning, friend of the morning show’s actress Lea Thompson stopped in to talk about starting the third season of her hit ABC Family series Switched At Birth, new movies coming out, and dish about the Golden Globes.

With the Golden Globes having just aired this past Sunday, Lea talked about her experience presenting an award on stage at the Globes in the past, which she admits, doesn’t have that much of a recollection of. She does, however, remember how scary being on stage in front of her peers was.

“It’s so strange, you’re so close to everybody. You look out at the audience and you’re like ‘I used to date you, I made out with out you, I wish I could make out with you,’ it’s really nerve-racking,” she laughed. “You can see everybody, they don’t blast the lights at you.”

Tonight (Jan. 13th) is the big premiere of the third season of her show Switched At Birth, which Lea says has plenty of drama and excitement.

“My character Kathryn is going through a lot, she’s having like a mid-life crisis, so she takes up tap dancing,” Lea explains. “The second episode I direct and I had a brand new crew and…that first scene I had to direct was tap dancing, so I had to meet a crew in tap shoes, leotard and tights.”

In addition to her role on the show, Lea has taken a new role behind the camera as the show’s director. She tells us that she enjoys being behind the camera and calling the shots because it gives her more time with the cast and crew.

“It’s a nice thing to do is to direct because I can give back in a way. It’s kind of like teaching in a way, I can be more loving to the actors and some of the actors I never get to actually act with so when I direct them I get to hang out with them…it just feels like the natural progression,” she said.

Leading up to the season three premiere tonight at 8 p.m., there will be a Switched At Birth marathon starting at noon on ABC Family so fans get get caught up on the show.

“It’s a great new season and really a lot of exciting things happen. I can’t believe the writers can always come up with something more scintillating,” she said.

Listen to our complete interview with Lea Thompson in the segments below.

Part one: Lea talks about presenting at the Golden Globes back in the day, her daughter Zoe Deutch being in this month’s InStyle for her new movie Vampire Academy, and starting her third season of her ABC Family show Switched At Birth.

Part two: Lea talks about directing episodes of Switched At Birth, directing her husband Howard Deutch in the show, her new movies Trouble With The Truth and Ping Pong Summer premiering at Sundance and more.

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