By Britt Bickel

Throughout Saturday Night Live’s illustrious history, there have been many memorable guest hosts and musical acts who’ve appeared on that famous 30 Rock stage since its debut in 1975. However, for every great host and act over the years, there are bound to be some bad eggs in the mix.

This morning we came across an interesting list on of stars who were banned from ever returning to the SNL stage for some reason or another by head honcho Lorne Michaels. Check out the list below – you might be surprise who shows up on the SNL blacklist.

Frank Zappa

The rock star was banned from the show after hosting in 1978 and speaking off the cue cards during his opening monologue. Also due to his strict anti-drug stance, the prep week leading up to the show was tense since the cast and crew had a relaxed attitude on drugs.

Cypress Hill

The hip hop group was the musical guest on Oct. 2, 1993 and were never invited back after DJ Muggs lit a joint on stage and trashed the band’s conga set.

Steven Seagal

When Lorne Michaels refers to you as the “worst host ever,” you can count on never being invited back. The action star not only was terrible on screen as host in 1991, but the crew found him difficult to work with behind the scenes.

The Replacements

The rock group was so intoxicated during their two performances that they forgot their own song lyrics, stumbled around on stage and yelled obscenities at the audience.

Adrien Brody

The Academy Award winning actor has been known to do things off the cuff (ie: his Oscar acceptance speech when he planted a wet one on Halle Berry), and his SNL appearance was no different. While the show is all about improv, Brody irked Michaels when he improvised his introduction imitating Jamaican reggae singer Sean Paul wearing a dreadlocks wig and Rastafarian clothes.

Robert Blake

The controversial star was banned from the show after refusing to cooperate with the cast and crew during his appearance on Nov. 13, 1082.

Charles Grodin

The actor/comedian was never invited back to host SNL after giving lousy performance and improvising many of his lines.

Milton Berle

After hosting in 1979, Berle was banned by Michaels after overacting, mugging for the camera and upstage the cast members during sketches.

Sinead O’Conner

O’Conner had one of the most infamous performances on the SNL stage in 1992 when she sang a cover of Bob Marley’s “War” a capella and ripped a photo of Pope John Paul II and yelled “fight the real enemy!” Needless to say, she was never invited back.

Louise Lasser

The star of the soap opera parody Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Lasser became the first star banned from the show after her 1976 appearance. She abused drugs leading up to the show and crawled into various offices at Rockefeller Center. She also insisted on appearing in sketches alone or with Chevy Chase.


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