Morning Show Poll: Whose Earthquake Reaction Is Better — Chris Schauble Or Kent Shocknek?

Author: Britt Bickel

This morning, SoCal experience what has been dubbed the ‘Shamrock Shake’ after a 4.4-magnitude earthquake struck near Westwood.

After the initial shock and scare of the quake, many are now laughing at the now-viral video of one local news anchor who dove under his desk as the quake was happening live on air.

KTLA 5 news anchor Chris Schauble’s live reaction to the quake has now gone viral online after he and co-anchor Megan Henderson dove under their news desks live on air. Their now infamous reaction is drawing up comparisons that of CBS 2’s Kent Shocknek, who reacted in the same manner over 25 years ago.

Always a good sport, Chris himself called in to the K-EARTH 101 Morning Show to talk about the video that “broke the internet” this morning.

“Here’s the thing, I would make fun of me too, and I have done that in the past, so I can’t blame anyone for making fun of me. At the end of the day, it’s so big and it just seemed like the smart and safe thing to do,” said Chris. “There’s all these big lights above us, they’re secure, but when everything gets to rattling, anything can happen.”

Chris noted that after the fact, his reaction is fair game to laugh at, but that it’s important to remember to teach earthquake preparedness to your children in case of an emergency.

“We make light of it, but it’s important to teach our kids to drop, cover and hold, because if it’s a big one and we’re due, they need to know,” said Chris. “But I’m with everyone else making fun of it. The picture…of my mouth open and my eyes bugling – that’s now my official Twitter profile picture.”

Listen to our complete call with Chris below.

Chris Schauble

So taking Chris’ suggestion, we’re putting his reaction up side by side with Kent Shocknek’s to vote on the better reaction. We may laugh at the videos, but really, wouldn’t we all do the same thing if we were in that situation?

Watch and vote below!

Kent Shocknek’s reaction to the Whittier earthquake in 1987.

Now we want to know, who’s earthquake reaction is better – Chris Schauble or Kent Shocknek? Vote below.

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