Carnie Wilson On The Weirdest Ingredients She Cooked On ‘Chopped’

This morning to celebrate The K-EARTH 101’s Morning Show Chopped-theme live broadcast at Pacific Sales in Costa Mesa, recent Chopped champion and recording artist Carnie Wilson called in to talk about her experience on the show.

Carnie, a member of the hit ’90s group Wilson Phillips, told Gary Bryan and Lisa Stanley that she’s been a fan of the show for years, and competing on the celebrity challenge has been a dream come true.

“I’ve been watching ‘Chopped’ for years. I started watching with my daughters…we’ve become obsessed! Even kids like ‘Chopped’. It’s outrageous,” she said.

Carnie was recently named champion of the second round of the Tournament of Stars challenge, beating out competitor Lou Diamond Phillips in the final round, which she says was a close call.

“He is a brilliant chef, and he probably would have won if he had not forgotten the ingredients,” she said. “It’s all a part of the competition…it’s like running a marathon and forgetting your tennis shoes – it’s not going to work.”

Carnie’s 2nd round win earned her spot in the Chopped finale for a chance to win $50,000 for her charity, Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America, according to Food Network. She told us about some of the crazy items in the Chopped box she had to cook up in the challenge.

“Right out of the park, let’s start off with a beef tongue,” she said. “I come from a Jewish family…tongue is not something we ate, but tongue is actually really delicious, but it’s not in my household I can tell you that.”

Throughout her career, Carnie has been open and honest on her struggle with weight loss and has shared her journey in the public eye. So has competing on a cooking show affected her weight at all?

“Obviously it’s up and down for me…right now it’s a little up,” Carnie said. “Chopped kitchen doesn’t affect my weight, I don’t really eat what I’m making…I’m just going in there and and not being self-conscious about anything, but keeping in mind that I’m trying to raise fifty grand for a charity.”

Shifting gears to her music career, growing up as the daughter of Beach Boys Brian Wilson, it’s no surprise that Carnie has been surrounded by music her entire life. However, she tells us that one iconic group didn’t influence her until later on in life.

“The Beatles came into my life, believe it or not, when I met my husband…and all of a sudden my world opened up,” she explains on digging deeper into the Beatles catalog. “They are just some of the best songs in history – forever will always influence us.”

Listen to our complete talk with Carnie Wilson in the clip below.

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