By Jordy Altman

Summer’s here – and if you’re looking to entertain your guests with grilled meats and good tunes, why not invite some of your favorite rock stars to the party? We gathered over a dozen rock band themed hot sauces and judged them for their Color, Heat, and Flavor.

While it’s obvious that these musicians can rip and shred in the kitchen just as well as they do in concert, only five sauces made the final cut.

Check out which Rock ’n’ Roll Hot Sauces will help you earn your grill marks during National BBQ Month.

Lynyrd Skynyrd Hot Sauce

Ooh, what’s that smell? Is that the smell of your closest friends – and uninvited coworkers – lining up outside your door? Lynyrd Skynyrd’s blazing hot sauce boasts Scoville Heat Units topping 53,000, so be sure to offer your guests plenty of ice water. The band’s hot sauce relies heavily on habanero heat, but hints of lemon, onion, and garlic round it out nicely. Try brushing it over grilled red meats like carne asada or tri-tip and hey – you just might have the Sweetest Home in Southern California.

Joe Perry – Boneyard Brew

Joe Perry gives his nod of approval on his signature hot sauce, Boneyard Brew. While the name sounds like it could be a b-side from Toys in the Attic, the bottle will have you singing its praise at first bite. With a spicy kick, Boneyard Brew is heavy on the habanero with fresh garlic and chipotle pepper popping on your tongue like a thousand roaring fans. Splash it your next batch of grilled chicken and enjoy the spicy, sweet taste all night long.

Patti LaBelle – Hot Flash!

Patti LaBelle’s hot sauce performs so well, it might just get a record deal! Chilis, onions, and a blend of hot peppers make this vinegar-based red sauce a spicy delight. Be careful, as the name suggests your tongue will be on-fire for a good five minutes after a single serving. The long-lasting heat from Hot Flash goes great drizzled on appetizers like chicken wings or potato skins. Just be sure to shake that sauce like Patti LaBelle shakes her tail-feathers in Lady Marmalade, our your first bite might be your last.

Dexter Holland – Gringo Bandito

A very special nod to the only green hot sauce to top our list. Gringo Bandito is nothing to laugh at as Dexter Holland of The Offspring displays what a good tomatillo hot sauce is supposed to taste like. While more mild than the other reds, this hot sauce balances habanero heat with tangy citrus and a blend of hot spices. Try it on your next burrito, or eggs, or even pizza – this sauce pairs well with nearly everything. So please grab a bottle of Gringo Bandito next time you get the urge to swipe green Tabasco from your local Chipotle.

Zakk Wylde – Shot to Hell Hot Sauce

While we have no evidence to support this claim, we do have breaking news: Black Sabbath’s Crazy Train Written After Hot Sauce Chugging Incident. Wylde’s hot sauce is enough to drive you… well, wild. It’s insanely hot, with pure pepper resin and a bouquet of chili pods that will have you gasping for air. For a real treat, squeeze a drop or two on your next batch of grilled hamburgers and take a ride on the crazy train to hot sauce hell. Not recommended for the faint of heart. Then again, are any of these?


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