Video Of Charlie Sheen Drunk At A Taco Bell Goes Viral

Author: Lisa Stanley

Boy have I missed Charlie Sheen, but he’s back in rare Sheen form. On Wednesday, a video of Charlie looking a bit intoxicated at a Taco Bell drive-thru went viral, reports Fox News.

Looking disheveled and stumbling over, Charlie appeared to be just a tad inebriated while meeting fans waiting in line at the drive-thru. Okay, completely wasted is a better way to describe it. They captured their meeting with the star on their phones, and the video has since taken off.

Charlie introduces himself to the couple in the car, apologizing that he was “so f—ing hammered.” One fan then asks him about his tattoos, which Charlie then stretched out his shirt to show off his Charlie Brown tat on his chest and rolls up his sleeve to show his Cincinnati Reds tat.

Never change, Charlie. Never change.

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Charlie Sheen

You can check out the video below (note: NSFW language!)

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