By Britt Bickel

The “Fluffy” man himself, comedian Gabriel Iglesias joined The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show in studio this morning to talk about the success of his stand up film and much more.

Bringing in nearly $2 million in its opening weekend on 400 screens across the country, fans were raving about Gabriel’s feature-length comedy special, The Fluffy Movie.

For fans unfamiliar with Gabriel’s stand up, you may be wondering, what’s the story behind his nickname “Fluffy?” He explained the story on air with Gary Bryan and Lisa Stanley.

“I’m not fat, I’m fluffy – that’s a nickname my mom gave me many, many years ago and I ran with it,” he said. “In the beginning I didn’t like people calling me ‘fluffy’…but at the end of the shows, people were like ‘good job fluffy’…and the joke was so good I didn’t want to let it go.”

It was the popularity of his nickname that made him decide to embrace it and brand it as his own. Now, he says, when you Google ‘fluffy,’ he comes in as the top search result – even beating out bunnies.

Gabrial Iglesias

Though he makes light of his weight in his stand up, Gabriel has made strides in getting healthy and dropping pounds. In his stand up, he jokes that there are “five levels of fatness,” including big, healthy, husky, fluffy and damn (later adding a sixth called “Oh, hell no!”). But now Gabriel is over 100 pounds lighter, revealing that at his heaviest,  he “maxed out close to 445” and is now standing right around 330 pounds.

Gabriel has also come a long way in his stand up career; early on he appeared on the Nickelodeon sketch show All That, competed on the fourth season of Last Comic Standing, and ultimately landed his own Comedy Central Presents stand up specials. After gaining fame for his “nice-guy” comedy and wearing his signature Hawaiian shirts, Gabriel made the move into film. He’s appeared in movies including Magic Mike, Planes, The Nut Job and more.

He noted that before rising to fame as a comedian, he had a rough childhood as the youngest of six children in a single-mother home. He talked about meeting his estranged father later on his life after talking about his absence as part of his stand up.

“I always used to talk about my dad and say how he wasn’t there, and people would say ‘well does he know what you do know? What would you say if he wanted to see you?’ and I had this stock line of ‘well I’d tell him to buy a ticket’…and he did just that,” Gabriel explained.

He recalled a time his father showed up at the Comedy Magic Club in Hermosa Beach saying “it freaked me out” but later on wound up sharing a few meals to bond with his estranged father. He told us the story on why his father wasn’t there during his childhood.

“I understand the story behind why he wasn’t there…there’s no hatred there for him,” he explained. “Now that I understand, oh he wanted to take the family to Mexico, it wasn’t that he abandoned us, he just wanted to have our lives over there, but my mom said ‘no, he’s going to grow up here.’ ”

A very inspiring story of overcoming struggles, Gabriel has certainly made a name for himself and continues to draw in audiences across the globe with his signature brand of wit. You can see his new stand up movie The Fluffy Movie in select theaters now or in person with a handful of shows headed for the SoCal area. For his complete tour schedule, visit

For more laughs with Gabriel Iglesias, listen to our complete interview with him in the segments below!

Part one: Gabriel talks about his new stand up feature film The Fluffy Movie, talks with friend Lou Pizarro on the phone and more.

Part two: Gabriel talks about the first time he met his father, his weight struggles and upcoming shows in SoCal.


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