By Britt Bickel

The original hit hidden-camera show Candid Camera is back on TV playing jokes and stunts on unsuspecting people to capture their hilarious reactions, and this time, the show is getting a helping hand from celebrities.

Joining The K-EARTH 101 Morning Show today is musician Carnie Wilson, who is making a guest appearance on the show tonight on TV Land.

“It’s really really flipping hilarious. I’ve never done anything like this before,” she laughed. “I play the shaky-hand, nervous tattoo artist…it is the funniest think that I’ve done on TV. It’s so inappropriate that I don’t even know where to start.”

Carnie tells us that it took a lot of dedication to her outlandish character to keep from cracking up on camera and spoil the gag.

“It was so hard…every time I would do it, I would get more into this character, who actually turned out to be a little psychotic,” she said. “I would just like push the envelope and get more into it, the more obnoxious she was. She had too much coffee, she was deep breathing…it was just out of control.”

For her appearance, Carnie went under a disguise so none of her potential tattoo subjects would recognize her. So did any one of those poor souls who walked into her tattoo shop call her out?

“Five of them were like ‘you gotta be kidding, this isn’t for real, right?'” she laughed. “I had to be careful.”

The show is hosted by Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bialik and Peter Funt and tonight’s episode features Carnie’s big role. She tells us it’s the same idea as the original series, but with a modern twist.

“It’s like the modern version, but it’s still the hilarious Candid Camera doing these gags on people and it’s unexpected,” she said.

Catch Carnie on Candid Camera tonight (and for more future episodes) on TV Land at 8pm.

Listen to our complete interview with Carnie Wilson below.



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