By Britt Bickel

Update: Evan Rosenblum called in Thursday (Aug. 28) to give the latest details on the Josh Shaw controversy following his admission to lying about his story of rescuing his nephew. Read the updated story here.

There’s a big controversy brewing over USC football player Josh Shaw, in which the story of how he injured his ankles is being called into question and is currently being investigated by USC officials. Shaw made headlines this week after it was reported that he injured his ankles after jumping off a two-story balcony to rescue his 7-year-old nephew, who he saw struggling in the pool below.

Trojans head coach Steve Sarkisian was quick to call Shaw’s actions “heroic,” but now the university has received calls that dispute Shaw’s side of the story. The university is currently ‘vetting’ the incident and looking into whether there is more to the story.

To help shed some light on this controversy, we had TMZ SportsEvan Rosenblum on air with us to give a more in-depth look behind the story.

“This is a very bizarre story. The long story short is that he actually spoke to media outlets and said that he rescued his cousin and his dramatic rescue and he would do it again,” he said. “All of a sudden they started cutting holes in the story, where people were questioning if this really happened.”

Evan notes that some of the “red flags” to his story include “the MRI and the X-ray for his ankles came back negative,” also, TMZ Sports reached out to Palmdale Fire and Rescue, where the incident reportedly took place, in effort to obtain a recording of the dramatic 911 call from the rescue, but no calls were made.

“They told us, there were no calls made of a drowning or near drowning or any kind of trauma involving Josh Shaw, which is shocking because as one law enforcement source put it, ‘if there was a drowning or near drowning, that is a big deal and we would know about it,'” explained Evan.

TMZ Sports later got a tip that Shaw was named in a burglary report on the same day his dramatic rescue occurred, though he is not named as burglarizing anyone.

“The story is somebody called the police Saturday night around the same time that Josh was allegedly in Palmdale at the apartment complex and said, ‘I see a suspicious man shimmying down the side of a building in downtown LA,'” explained Evan. “So cops go to the building, they speak with a woman inside the building and they say ‘we got a tip, here’s a description of the man’ and she says, ‘oh my God, that sounds just like my boyfriend, Josh Shaw.'”

Cops further investigated the tip and called Shaw to ask of his whereabouts, but he said he was no where near downtown at the time and was in Palmdale.

“It’s bizarre that all of this is kind of happening. And cops are now going back trying to re-interview all of the witnesses trying to figure out what is going on,” he noted.

Making it even more strange, after the story made headlines, USC head coach Steve Sarkisian is now backing off his initial praise of Shaw and is now saying that USC is conducting an internal investigation on the matter. In the meantime, the university is not making Shaw available to media until the full story is sorted out.

Hear more on the bizarre story of USC’s Josh Shaw in our complete interview with TMZ Sports’ Evan Rosenblum below:


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