Is Charlie Sheen Planning A Return To ‘Two & A Half Men’?

Author: Lisa Stanley

With Two and a Half Men nearing its end, Charlie Sheen says he now wants to be part of the season finale.

As you may remember, Sheen and creator Chuck Lorre had a very public and heated falling out that resulted in Sheen’s firing as well as his character killed off on the show. Fast forward three years later, and it seems that all may be forgiven between the two.

According to Fox News, Sheen has reached out to the show about a way to return to the show during the final season as a gesture of “goodwill and a tip of the hat to the fans.”

“We’ve been in talks. I don’t want to mislead anybody and then tune in expecting me to be a character that’s been reestablished or back from the dead,” he said on Good Day LA. “But I believe it’s important in the final episode to do something that would be a nice send-off.”

He also notes that he’s “been in the process” of making up with Lorre after his infamous 2011 exit, in which Sheen sued Lorre, CBS and Warner Bros. TV.

Do you want to see Sheen return to Two and a Half Men? Hear more about Charlie Sheen’s proposed return to Two and a Half Men in the clip below.

Charlie Sheen
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