Charlie Sheen Reportedly Freaks Out At The Dentist, Threatens Him With Knife

Author: Lisa Stanley

Not many people will say they enjoy going to the dentist, but not many react the way Charlie Sheen did when he sat in the chair…

Last Thursday, Sheen reportedly went to see his dentist for an abscess, and according to TMZ, he’s now under investigation for assault with a deadly weapon. Here’s what happened – Sheen allegedly went nuts while in the dentist chair in what TMZ describes as a “rock-cocaine fueled rage.”

The story goes, as the technician was trying to place a mask over Sheen’s face to give him nitrous oxide, he went insane, flailing his arms and hitting her.

She left the room as Sheen’s security guard and personal dentist walked in – but then Charlie allegedly pulled a knife out and went after his dentist.The technician also claimed that Sheen’s bodyguard told her that he was high on rock cocaine. His dentist wasn’t hurt, but now the LAPD is looking into the incident and wants to talk to Charlie.

In an update on TMZ, Sheen’s lawyer Marty Singer stated the claims were “completely fabricated” and that “no bodyguard made the absurd statement to the dentist. Charlie had a bad reaction to the noxious gas put in his mouth and nose.”

Charlie Sheen
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