Watch: Terrifying Moment Bungee Cable On Amusement Park Ride Snaps Just Before Launching

Author: Britt Bickel

One family got the scare of a lifetime when a cable attached to an amusement park ride suddenly snapped just before taking off – and the terrifying moment was all captured on video.

Two riders were strapped in a ride called “The Catapult” at Mt. Olympus amusement Park in Wisconsin when one of the bungee cords broke free from the cage, reports CBS News.

Dru Larson was taking video of his 13-year-old son and another rider, Carrie Seuker, and playfully making jokes like “I’ll pray for you” and “the ropes look a little frayed” while ride operators strapped them in. Another voice is heard joking “did they sign the insurance waiver?”

Then in a terrifying twist just moments before the ride launched them 200 feet in the air going 60 mph, the bungee cord suddenly snapped.

After the incident, Larson told WISC news he and his wife were shocked at what happened. CBS News also reports that Mt. Olympus is forcing the operators to remove the ride from the park.

“You just look and you think ‘oh my gosh.’ And you think about what could’ve happened. How it could’ve went the other way,” he said.

Thankfully everyone involved is okay. Watch the video above (note: some NSFW language used).

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