Artists on Obama’s Spotify Playlists React on Twitter

By Philip Cosores 

Today, the White House joined Spotify. And while there is no word yet on if they will also endorse competing streaming services, they have kicked off their presence with the President himself, Barack Obama, making two summer vacation playlists.

The playlists are diverse and impressive, incorporating everything from rap to pop to indie rock. And, as would be expected, some artists are tickled to be listened to by the leader of the free world.

Okkervil River sent a series of tweets about this, commenting on the playlists by saying “Isleys, @TalibKweli, Stones, Howlin Wolf – the @POTUS @spotify playlist is solid.” They also included a little but of further promotion.

As for Justin Timberlake, he let his emojis do the talking.

Most excited seem to be Nappy Roots, who have retweeted, like, 8,000 tweets about their inclusion on the playlist.

Check out further reactions below, along with the list of songs included on the playlist.

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