Charlie Sheen Reveals HIV-Positive Diagnosis

LOS ANGELES ( — Actor Charlie Sheen publicly revealed his HIV diagnosis on Tuesday.

During a sit-down interview with Matt Lauer on the “Today” show in New York, the former “Two and a Half Men” star admitted he was diagnosed four years ago after he experienced a cluster of headaches.

“I thought I had a brain tumor,” Sheen said. “I thought it was over. After a battery of tests and spinal taps, [my doctors] said this is what’s going on. I am here to admit that I am in fact HIV-positive.”

According to the actor, all of his sexual partners have been notified about his diagnosis, including ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller.

“It’s a hard three letters to absorb,” Sheen said.  “It’s a turning point in one’s life.”

Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend, Bree Olsen, is claiming she was never told of his diagnosis, according to Entertainment Tonight.

The 50-year-old claims he has used protection with all but two of his partners, whom were made well aware of his condition, since learning that he contracted the virus.

At this time, he remains unsure how he contracted the virus.

Prior to his announcement this morning, rumors regarding his health publicly swirled among the tabloids.

According to Sheen, he is a victim of betrayal and extortion as he paid people to keep his diagnosis quiet.

The actor could not recall exactly how many people have been paid, but said “I’ve told enough [people] that I’ve trusted to be in the position I am today,” citing millions have been spent to cover his secret.


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