11 Things You Should Never Say To A ‘Star Wars’ Fan

Happy Star Wars Day! You know, May the 4th be with you? It’s a day that celebrates on of the most successful movie franchises of all time.

But with all things, there are a few people out there who take the whole Star Wars thing just a little too seriously. Should you encounter one of these overzealous fans, you might want to avoid saying anything from the list below to them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

11. Jar Jar Binks is awesome, right?

10. The prequels are waaaayyyy better than the original trilogy.

9. Harrison Ford = worse actor in the series.

8. Was Princess Leia’s slave outfit really necessary?

7. Speaking of the Princess, what happened to her British accent from Episode IV: A New Hope? That’s just bad writing.

6. Lightsabers are dumb and physically impossible.

5. Guys in pajamas wielding a power known as”The Force?” Sounds more like unemployed magicians if you ask us.

4. Ewoks? You mean stupid little bears.

3. Greedo shot first.

2. Midichlorians.

1. Live long and prosper.


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