By Lisa Stanley

Last Night was The Bachelorette and there’s no bigger fan than Jimmy Kimmel, who put together a funny montage of the remaining men all professing their love for JoJo, only problem is she can’t say it back.

Last night JoJo began with tears, lots of them ,as she was about to hand out the final three roses. Four men, Three roses, Luke out, and not happy about it.

Well she made a quick recovery and took the remaining three men to Thailand.  First up Robbie, who whipped out a note that his dad had slipped him saying he knows how much he loves JoJo and to stay on track. And that track led him to the fantasy suite which he and JoJo took full advantage of.

Next morning it was breakfast in bed with Robbie, then off to her date with Jordan. They took a hike, then dinner, then questions.  He must have answered them right cause it was off to the fantasy suite for Jordan and JoJo. Again, next morning breakfast in bed, only now with Jordan.

Then after professing her love for both Robbie and Jordan, JoJo heads out on her last date with Chase. But in the middle of that date Robbie shows up to make sure she knows he’s in love with her. JoJo now figures out Chase is not the guy for her so she declines the fantasy suite with him and dumps him right after he tells her he loves her.  And he is mad.

She is about to hand out the final roses to Jordan and Robbie when Chase comes back to apologize for how he acted when she dumped him, telling JoJo he did not want it to end like that!

Back to the rose ceremony where JoJo now tells Jordan and Robbie she is falling for both of them and is crazy about them. Then hands them their roses. Tonight the men tell all and next week her toughest decision yet.

Which one will she choose??


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