Today's Tickets @ 2 Song: "Please Come Home For Christmas" by Eagles
By Lisa Stanley

Kim Kardashian is home and safe in the U.S. after that terrifying theft of millions of dollar worth of jewelry in Paris.

Big questions now about Kardashian’s security, was it an inside job, or a PR stunt as so many have said. And that may be because nano seconds after Kim Kardashian was robbed social media exploded with accusations that this was all for reality show content.

So one has to wonder was the crew for ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians” filming during this whole ordeal?  This morning the production company put out a statement, “Keeping up with the Kardashians” was not filming at the time of the robbery, the focus is entirely on Kim’s well -being.

Police saying it was the Kardashian’s indiscretions online that made her such a target.

This morning French authorities are ion the hunt for the five men who robbed Kim. They say while all five entered the hotel, only two men entered Kim’s room. Police say they tied her up, put duct tape around her head, plastic cable ties around her wrists and locked her in the bathroom. Eventually she was able to wiggle her hands free and ran to a balcony where she screamed for help.

She then called her body guard who was at a nearby club with her mom and sister. Today Kim is getting backlash for her online antics. Paris police say it was really the celebrity who was targeted with possessions that had been seen and noticed on social media, it was these goods the attackers noticed, and cops now believe someone close to the Kardashian family may have played a part in the armed robbery.

Kim returned to New York she met by Kanye and they returned to their apartment in a fifteen car motorcade surrounded by an army of security guards.


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