By Amanda Wicks

Prince left a lot of unreleased music behind when he died suddenly in April. A lot. And Jay Z has apparently been eyeing his collection.

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The rap mogul reportedly flew Prince’s sister Tyka and her husband Maurice Phillips to New York to discuss a deal to purchase Prince’s unreleased catalog. According to TMZ, that figure is somewhere near $40 million, but before anything can proceed Tyka will need to get the approval of Prince’s half brothers and sisters as well as the trust handling his estate.

It’s not a done deal yet, but if Jay Z does get a hold of Prince’s unreleased music, it seems likely it will end up on his streaming service TIDAL. That platform, like others, requires a membership in order to access any content hosted there, so if Prince’s unreleased recordings do end up on the site it could be a boon for TIDAL as well as a blow to anyone not currently subscribing to the service.

Throughout his career, Prince typically released one album a year and sometimes even two. Considering that output, it’s anyone’s guess how much unreleased music he left behind, but the number has to be a big one.

UPDATE: L. Londell McMillan, a representative from Prince’s estate, told Billboard that he had “no knowledge of any discussions in that report.” He added, “There is no sale [of Prince‚Äôs music assets], and those responsible for the assets are not in discussions with anyone regarding a sale.” Any talks regarding Prince’s unreleased music have to do with licensing not selling.

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