Lisa Loves Showbiz: Charlie Sheen Rags On Rihanna During ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Author: Lisa Stanley

Apparently, Charlie Sheen and Rihanna have had a feud going on for a few years.

It all started three years ago when Sheen and his fiancée at the time ran into the singer at a restaurant, asked to meet her, and were denied.

The failed encounter made Charlie mad.

Back then, he tweeted  to Rihanna, “Nice impression you left behind, B-day or not sorry we’re not KOOl enough to warrant a blessing from the Princess, or in this case the village idiot.”

Which she responded to with this tweet, “If that old queen don’t get his diapers out of a bunch.”

Fast forward three years later, in true Charlie Sheen fashion, he brought it up again last week while appearing on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live dissed her again, take a listen (play clip).

Miss a week miss a lot. Now, Sheen is expressing his regret on Twitter and Instagram, extending an olive branch to Rihanna.

He wrote, “Dear RiRi, pardon my inane self-indulgence, let’s have a drink someday (one me).”

Your move RiRi.

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