By Sarah Carroll

Time to fess up…how often do YOU shower?

Maybe you’re a once-a-day kind of gal? Twice if you hit the gym.

Or perhaps you’re a little more lax with your routine…5 times a week?

And then there are those who somehow manage to get through the week with just 2 or 3 showers. Gross!

But maybe, JUST MAYBE, the shower procrastinators had the right idea this entire time.

According to researchers at the University of Utah, over-showering can take its toll the human microbiome.

We need a healthy amount of bacteria and viruses in our system. It makes our immune system stronger. Showering too often disrupts “our microbial ecosystems and can cause disease,” the study explains.

Researchers based some of their findings on the people of Yanomami village in the Amazon, who didn’t have any “previous contact with Western people.” They possessed a “microbiome with the highest diversity of bacteria and genetic functions ever reported in a human group.”

Scientists did not reveal the magic number of showers we should take per week, but concluded that “westernization significantly affects human microbiome diversity.”

Click HERE to learn more about the study.


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