By Lisa Stanley

Let’s clear up a few things this morning, starting with the Jack and Rose controversy.

I’m talking about the movie, Titanic, and the controversy over whether or not the “raft” was big enough for both Rose and Jack.

You remember at the end of the movie Jack and Rose (Kate and Leo) are in the freezing water, when Rose finds some floating wood.

She sits on the wood while Jack hangs from the side in the water where, spoiler alert, he froze to death.

Well, 20 years later, fans and critics are still wondering why Jack couldn’t have shared the raft and survived.

James Cameron finally weighed in why.

In a new interview with the Daily Beast, Cameron was asked the question, and from his answer it’s clear he’s been asked this question several times.

He says,

Look it’s very very simple, you read page 147 of the script.”

Hellozy James! I didn’t have the script, and neither did almost everyone who saw the movie.

I would like to see page 147, but since I can’t, I will take James word for what it said.

Basically, he says the script says,

Jack gets off the board and gives his place to her so that she can survive, it’s that simple, you can do all the post-analysis you want.

Cameron says that Jack’s best bet was to keep his upper body above the water in hopes that he would be rescued before he died.


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