By Madeline Spear

Our friend, Val Kilmer, was arriving at LAX when a paparazzi got in his face.

Kilmer moved the camera out of his way and the paparazzi proceeded to yell “You’re lucky dude. Next time I’ll put your sorry a** in jail” through the busy airport.

We reached out to Kilmer asking what happened and he responded via Twitter saying,

You can see in the video that Kilmer remained calm, told the paparazzi not to touch him, and proceeded through the airport.

Check out the video and see for yourself:

The paparazzi are notorious for trying to provoke celebrities in order to get a reaction that will sell.

Just a few days ago, Louis Tomlinson of One Direction was arrested at LAX after getting in an altercation with the paparazzi after they allegedly harassed his girlfriend.

This has sparked a battle between whether or not the celebrities have the right to physically defend themselves.

When it comes to what happened with Val Kilmer, it is clear that this paparazzi was deliberately in his way and grabbed Kilmer by the arm after he moved his camera.

What do you think?


  1. We all have to abide by rules in society-especially for safety. Photographing a celebrity on airport property is a privilege-not a right. If an average person behaved as the photographer did to another person(non-celeb) they would be subject to arrest for assault. Surely there are airport protocols that could be enforced-such as arms-length distance when photographing and prohibiting blocking passenger entrances. Security should remove offenders and ban them from airport property.

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