By Lisa Stanley

As expected, overnight police released the dash cam footage of Tiger Woods’ DUI stop, and it seems to show just about every second of the long field sobriety test which was almost 30 minutes.

It was just after 2am on Memorial Day he was asleep at the wheel on a main road with the car still running. Cops then ask him where he’s coming from and he thinks he’s coming from LA, but he’s in his home town Florida.

For almost a half hour, Woods could not complete any task including tying his shoes which he eventually took off. He still could not walk the line, stumbling all the way through at times very confused barely able to understand what officers are asking.

In this clip the cop asked him to recite the alphabet only he thought they asked him to do something else. After that officers handcuffed him and arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence:

At one point in the video, the officer does say he smells alcohol on Woods’ breath, and ask him if he had been drinking, which we now know he had not.

Police say he passed two breathalyzer tests, and found no evidence of alcohol.

They also released photos of Woods’ 2015 Mercedes, which had visible damage to the bumper and had two flat tires.

Woods is due in court next month and will most likely avoid doing jail time. Tnstead he will probably lose his license and pay a fine.


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