Lisa Loves Showbiz: O.J. Simpson’s Former Agent Is Selling His Infamous Ford Bronco

Author: Lisa Stanley

Get ready to see that infamous white Ford Bronco driving down the 405 freeway again, because O.J. Simpson’s getaway car is up for sale.

22 years later, the guy who kept the Bronco hidden for all that time is ready to sell it.

O.J.’s former agent, Mike Gilbert, got the car from AC Cowlings, the man who was driving it during that 1994 slow speed chase down the 405, says he wants at least a half a million dollars for it.

He showed up at the TV show “Pawn Brokers” and told Rick he wants to pawn it off. (play clip).

But people say don’t count on “Pawn Brokers” to buy it. Apparently Rick has never spent that much money on the show before.

The most expensive items ever sold at the pawn shop were gold bars valued at $128,000.

You can however count on it being sold to someone who will be willing to pay big bugs for it.

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