Lisa Loves Showbiz: George Clooney Is Done Acting

Author: Lisa Stanley

George Clooney says he’s done acting, #RIPCLOONEYCAREER.

Yep! He told The Sunday Times, acting is no longer a priority.

“Look, I acted for a long time and you know I’m 56. I’m not the guy who gets the girl anymore, I shouldn’t be the guy who gets the girl. Acting used to be how I paid the rent, but I sold a Tequila company for a billion F-ing dollars I don’t need the money.”

Some say maybe he should also hang up his director’s hat after Suburbicon, which had the worst box office opening for any film he’s directed or starred in.

If you ask George if he’s worried, he says no he will find other ways to make money if this directing thing doesn’t work out and reminds us that he used to do coffee commercials.

Clooney tells The Times it’s all good and that he has bigger fish to fry having recently established a charitable foundation with his wife Amal, and donating one million dollars towards fighting war crimes in Africa.

Speaking of Clooney, his show ER was one of an elite group of shows to reach 300 episodes, and this week Grey’s Anatomy will do it too.

The series will join CSI, Law & Order, ER, and Gunsmoke. All part of that elite group.

Debbie Allen, who is directing this 300th episode, said it will offer “a wink” to doctors past. You may see Dr George OMalley, TR Knight, whose character was killed off in 2009, and Sandra Oh who left the show in 2014.

However you won’t see McDreamy or McSteamy. Both Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane will not be part of the 300th episode which airs tomorrow night.

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