Lisa Loves Showbiz: O.J. Simpson Kicked Out of Las Vegas hotel

Author: Lisa Stanley

Well that didn’t take very long!

Just a month out of prison and O.J. Simpson already in trouble.

Simpson was kicked out of the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel last night after being aggressive and belligerent with the hotel staff at the Clique Bar .

People say he was drunk and involved in a heated conversation about a pizza shop which ended with glasses at the bar breaking.

They don’t say if it was O.J. who broke the glasses, but they did call security and removed him from the hotel and permanently banned from ever coming back.

Remains to be seen if this action violated his parole.

Actor Dax Shepard, who is married to actress Kristen Bell, was on with Jimmy Kimmel last night when Kimmel brought up a story he heard Bell say on The Talk.

Apparently, it involved the kids walking in on them having sex:

Well after all, that is how they made those daughters, Delta, 3 and Lincoln, 4 ½.

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