Lisa Loves Showbiz: New Details Emerge Over Matt Lauer's Termination

November 30, 2017
Oh boy! Now Geraldo Rivera coming under fire after a video was unearthed of Bette Midler talking to Barbara Walters about inappropriate sexual behavior by Geraldo back in the 70's. The video was in 1991: And new accusations this morning surrounding Matt Lauer which include lewd texts and comments of Matt Lauer exposing himself. One woman alleges to the New York Times that a sexual encounter took place in his office during working hours culminating with her passing out and Lauer having his assistant take her to a nurse. She says Lauer summoned her to his office in 2001 and sexually assaulted her, she then passed out. She says she did not report it cause she felt ashamed and didn't want to lose her job. She does say she bears some of the responsibility for what happened, but felt he was using his power over her. Variety details claims of several current and former anonymous NBC staffers, one of whom told reporters Matt gave her a sex toy as a present accompanied by a note detailing how he wanted to use it on her. Another saying he exposed himself to her in his office, then reprimanded her when she didn't engage. Two more women tell the magazine he had a button under his desk that would automatically lock his office door. Variety adding, several women complained to executives at the network about Lauer's behavior which they say fell on deaf ears. The Today Show seeming to sever all ties with Matt. His photo already scrubbed from their social media accounts. NBC denies knowing any of this before Monday. This morning Savannah Guthrie read a statement from Matt (play clip).