Lisa Loves Showbiz: Matt Lauer's Family Has Gone Off The Grid

December 4, 2017
Where in the world is Matt Lauer?  Not sure, nor are we sure where his wife and kids are. According to reports Annette has fled to her home in the Netherlands, which may or may not be true. Some reports say she was seen with their daughter over the weekend in the Hampton's. What we did learn is he will not get paid the rest of his 25 million dollar contract which he just signed last year since he was fired for cause. Sources close to Matt say he will seek legal counsel to try to recoup some of that money despite the sexual misconduct accusations against him. And yet another one suspended for sexual misconduct. This one New York Metropolitan Opera Conductor. James Levine is being accused of multiple sexual assaults back in the 1980's. Levine served as music director of the Met from 1976-2016. How about some good news? While we don't know a lot about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming wedding, we do know the place, St George's chapel in Windsor Castle and we know it will be in May of 2018. Now we know something else, what the wedding cake will taste like. Bananas it is! This will be the first Royal wedding cake made from bananas . Sources say Prince Harry loves bananas, in fact Darren McGrady, former Royal chef says he used to make Carmel and banana cake for him. Oddly enough, Meghan has the same fondness for the fruit. Back in 2016, she shared a photo of two bananas spooning on Instagram with the caption, "Sleep tight x." We hope to see the banana cake, but not sure if we will, but we will see the ceremony. Millions are expected to watch the live stream since the wedding will be televised. 27 million people watched Prince William and Kate tie the knot!