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  1. RainbowRay says:

    Remembering all those we lost this year (including in Canada, Mr. Jack Layton, a federal party leader in Ottawa who succomed to cancer in August of this year). I went to his visitation at Toronto’s city hall in August and watched some of the funeral.

    Just before he died, he wrote a letter to fellow Canadians which I read and moved me very much to “keep going” with my dreams (a very inspiring letter at that). After I read that letter I said to myself, “There’s hope Jack!” I even wrote a poem that i put on a local Toronto radio station, “The Party That Jack Built” (as opposed to the children’s classic nursery rhyme, “The House That Jack Built” which everyone knows I’m sure).

    With that inspirational letter I keep BELIEVING in my dreams and in MIRACLES (Fiona being my MAJOR MIRACLE) and of falling in love with her in MEMPHIS at Graceland. The longer it takes I find the BETTER life gets and being in LOVE , TRUE LOVE (worth the wait to my mind never mind the bitching and complaining) is the most wonderful feeling in the whole world, especially when you lived most of your life without it. That’s a MIRACLE in itself, wouldn’t you say? Also as they say with true love, “ANYTHING is POSSIBLE”, right?

    So to you and your listeners at KEARTH101 here are a list of songs I found on YOUTUBE that I would like to share with you as a tribute to those who passed away this year including our beloved Mr. Jack Layton (“There’s hope Jack!”)

    Type: Barry Manilow-Memory

    (That one’s for you Fee-Fi honey)

    Type: Barbara Streisand-The Way We Were (Lyrics)

    Barbara Streisand was one of my mother’s favorite singer’s and actresses and I remember growing up listening to her play those records constantly and watching her movies (many of which I have seen, but not all). She lived a wasted life, but was a very sick lady who couldn’t love, but now that’s why I am working so hard to maintain this TRUE LOVE I have for life and my darling Fiona. Keep the baby FAITH! I love you and miss you and still BELIEVE In MIracles and MEMPHIS of course. XXXOOOO

    Send in The Clowns-Barbara Streisand-2000

    Another favorite of mine for obvious reasons.

    Type: Gonna Tell The World (Wedding Song)-The Miracles

    I recently found this song on YOUTUBE (dreaming of marrhying my beloved Fiona) and thought I would add this to the list. I truly BELIEVE that 2012 will be OUR YEAR (Fiona and Ray). I keep BELIEVING that because there is nothing else that I want to do with my life and NO ONE ELSE that I want to “do my life with”. Seven years I’ve known her, so that tells you something.

    Be resolved, get involved!
    “Love and laugher are the best medicine”
    2012 is OUR YEAR Fiona Honey!

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