Al Roker Slams Conan O'Brien's TBS Show
Al Roker Yells At Obama, Scores Handshake From Joe Biden During Inaugural Parade CoverageJust another awesome moment from Al Roker.
Al Roker Admits Doing WHAT At The White House?!OMG! Al Roker admits to having a very embarrassing moment while visiting the White House after having gastric bypass surgery.
Poll: Is Al Roker Trying To Upstage Matt Lauer?'Today Show' host Al Roker has another strange on air moment when he became frozen on camera. We want to know, do you think he's trying to upstage his co-host Matt Lauer with his odd moments?
Did Al Roker Really Just Say What We Think He Said? Al Roker made an awkward jab on air at his 'Today Show' co-host Matt Lauer. Listen to what he said!

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