Sinead O'Connor Opens Up About Child Abuse on 'Dr. Phil'The singer will speak candidly about her mother, who she says ritually abused her as a child.
Lisa Loves Showbiz: Forbes Magazine's Highest Paid TV Entertainers of 2017The ranking, which tallies annual earnings for celebrity’s around the world, is comprised 85% of men.
Dr. Phil and Wife Robin To Celebrate Their 40th Wedding AnniversaryThe two are still very happy together.
Dr. Phil Under Fire After Posting Controversial Tweet Dr. Phil may need to see a shrink himself after receiving tons of hate mail and tweets from the public in response to a controversial tweet he sent out earlier this week.
Is Dina Lohan Drunk On 'Dr. Phil'? Lindsay Lohan's mother and manager has been accused of being intoxicated during a sit down interview with Dr. Phil. Listen and tell us what you think.
Dr. Phil Show To Use A Clip From Charlie Tuna's Dougall Fraser Interview Friday! About a month ago, The Dr. Phil TV Show asked permission to use a clip from my interview with Psychic, Clairvoyant, and Author Dougall Fraser.
Dr. Phil Speaks Out On Exclusive Interview With Casey Anthony's Parents
Dr. Phil Interviews Casey Anthony's Parents
Lisa's Special Birthday Wishes From Dr. Phil and Gloria Pink
Dr. Phil Nixes His Mustache Live On TV!

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