Lisa Loves Showbiz: Sharon Osbourne Slams Kim Kardashians and Dancing With The Stars Announces Season 25 Stars"That’s not feminism, those girls live off their bodies half of LA has been through them."
Lisa Loves Showbiz: Kim Kardashian Is Being Sued Over Selfie Phone CaseIf you are keeping up with the Kardashian's, then you know lots of lawsuits going on.
Lisa Loves Showbiz: Kim Kardashian Announces New Reality ShowJust what the world needs, another show from the Kardashians.
Lisa Loves Showbiz: There's A New Kim Kardashian Butt Pool FloatIf you ever wanted to get your hands on Kim Kardashian’s butt, now you can.
Lisa Loves Showbiz: Kendall Jenner Was Robbed During Her PartyAfter the party, she realized two hundred thousand dollars worth of jewels were missing.
Lisa Loves Showbiz: Kim Kardashian Testifies In Paris Robbery CaseShe was able to identify two of the seventeen people arrested for the heist.
Lisa Loves Showbiz: Kim Kardashian's Stolen Jewelry Has Been FoundThe thief said they knew it would be fruitful, because she flaunted her jewelry on social media.
Lisa Loves Showbiz: 17 Arrested In Connection With Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery And Ben Affleck Talks Golden Globes With Jimmy KimmelTwo others of the 17 arrested, may actually have or know where her 4 million dollar diamond ring is, and that she may actually get it back.
Top Pop Culture Moments Of 20162016 was a year of exciting pop culture moments. From the Academy Awards to the unlikely election of Donald Trump, and the mannequin challenge, these are the top pop culture moments of the year.
Lisa Loves Showbiz: The Paparazzi Is Not Happy That Kim Kardashian Has Been MIA"She wants everyone to know where she is going for lunch and will walk down the street as opposed to driving.”
Lisa Loves Showbiz: Jimmy Kimmel's Sad Oscar Paycheck And Rumors Spark Between Kim Kardashian And Marquette KingKimmel joked that he may not be able to afford a tux so he may wear jean shorts to host.
Lisa Loves Showbiz: Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Living In Separate Houses Following Hospitalization“Kanye isn’t at home with Kim and the kids because she believes it is the best course of action for medical reasons.”

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