Study Finds Men Should Avoid Rock Music when Playing Board GamesResearches studied 352 concertgoers and found decreased concentration when listening to rock music.
Can Sad Music Lift Your Mood? New Research Says Yes!
What The Season You Were Born In Says About Your Personality
Study Finds Most Millennials Addicted To Smartphones
Why You Shouldn't Sleep Naked During Summer
Study Finds Radio is Still No. 1 Source for Music DiscoveryThe Edison Research and Triton Digital recently discovered that AM/FM radios are how most people find new artists. Naturally, word of mouth through friends and family is second with YouTube coming in third.
Which Careers Draw The Most Psychopaths? Which professions draw the most psychopaths? The top ten might surprise you!
What Does Your Coffee Preference Say About You? Does how you take your coffee reveal clues about your personality? According to a new study, it just might.
Study: Harmful Germs Could Be Lurking In Your PurseLadies, take note. If you've never washed your handbags, it's time to start.
Study Reveals Which Jobs Make You Gain The Most Weight Gaining weight at work? You're not alone. See the top jobs that result in the most weight gain according to a new survey.
How Cup Color Changes The Taste Of Your Drink Did you know the color of your cup can enhance the flavor of certain types of drinks? According to a new study, the color of cup makes a huge difference on how your drink tastes!
Study Finds: Music Can Get You HighBut you have to play it, not just listen to it, for the benefits.

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