Lisa Loves Showbiz: Wendy Williams Faints On Live TV

November 1, 2017
It was a scary Halloween for talk show host Wendy Williams as she fainted on live TV. Yesterday, Williams was dressed as the Statue of Liberty for her annual Halloween show and about 48 minutes into the show she was about to kick off her “How You Doin?” Halloween Costume Contest when this happened: She began swaying back and forth before stumbling backwards dropping to the floor. The cameras cut to commercial and when the show returned. Six minutes later, Wendy explained it was not a stunt she did faint because she was overheated in her costume. She tweeted out, “Everybody relax I’m doing fine just need some water and electrolytes.” According to insiders who spoke to the New York Post’s Page Six, they are worried about her health following all the reports that her husband has been cheating with the masseuse. An insider said, “Wendy has become very thin recently and appears to be under a ton of personal stress.” Wendy says it’s a simple case of dehydration which she will explain on today's show.