Dozens Of Bulldogs Rescued From A Puppy Mill Up For Adoption

November 15, 2017
WESTMINSTER (CBSLA) — After a CBSLA report about French and English Bulldogs rescued from what police call a puppy mill, hundreds of people have inquired about adopting one. Many of the dogs are being nursed back to health by WAGS in Westminster. The shelter is being selective about prospective owners due to the responsibility required to own one. “The support has been massive, the outpouring of the community…we have people from Australia that want these dogs, we have people from England that want these dogs, it’s just been huge,” WAGS manager Cortney Dorney said. Last Thursday, some of the dozens of dogs, just puppies were learning to walk and run for the first time. Others were getting much-needed medical treatment. “I was sick to my stomach,” Dorney said. “There were definitely dogs that had varying degrees of mange. Hair loss and scaly skin. They were stinking of urine and feces.” Neighbors say animal control officers rescued 78 bulldogs from a home in Westminster Monday night after one neighbor heard dogs barking and called police. The dogs were apparently living in cages in the garage. Read more at