Lisa Loves Showbiz: George Clooney Gifted His Friends $1 Million Dollars Each

December 13, 2017
You gotta love George Clooney and his wife, Amal. The two were thoughtful enough to bring noise canceling headphones for all the passengers on their flight to the UK just in case their babies cried. The couple boarded a flight and passed out the Casamigos headphones to all the passengers in first class and apologized a head of time for having their 6 month old twins on board. All was good. Ella and Alexander were good babies. He's a giver that Clooney. Get this - his best friend and business partner Rande Gerber was on MSNBC Tuesday and told the story of the time George gifted a bunch guys with a million dollars. On September 27th 2013, Rande says George called up their group of guys, which they refer to as "The Boys," and asked them over for dinner. When they arrived, they sat down each with a suitcase in front of them. George stood up and said,

"I came to LA, I slept on your couches, I'm so fortunate in my life to have you all and couldn't be where I am today without all of you. So I want you to open your suitcases."

They opened it, said Rande, and found 1 million dollars in 20 dollar bills. Rande said he refused the money but after George told him if he didn't take it then no one else can have theirs. He eventually took the money but said he donated it to charity.