Lisa Loves Showbiz: Maryl Streep Posters Are Popping Up All Over LA

December 22, 2017
Oh boy! The backlash is growing against Meryl Streep for saying she had no idea about Harvey Weinstein's bad behavior.  Now #sheknew posters are popping up all over LA. A street artist is calling Streep on her bluff putting up posters showing 'The Post' actress standing with the disgraced producer Harvey with a red banner across her eyes with the words "She Knew." The images began appearing Monday to following a statement from Streep in which she claimed Weinstein "made sure"  she didn't know about his perverted antics. She went on to claim that he used his accusation to her to "lure young aspiring women into circumstances where they would be hurt." Streep said she was making the statement in response to a since deleted tweet from actress Rose McGowan, who was one of the original accusers. In the now deleted tweet McGowan called Streep a hypocrite for calling on women to wear black to the Golden Globes to protest sexual misconduct in Hollywood, pointing out that Meryl and other actresses, "happily worked for the pig monster." Speaking of pigs, it looks like Matt Lauer's wife is lawyering up to end her 20 year marriage to Lauer. Annette Rogue, a former Dutch model has been meeting with lawyers according to 'Page Six' in the New York Post. They see she was seen Wednesday heading into a law firm that specializes in big divorces. This is not the first time she has filed, back in 2006 she filed citing, "mental abuse" extreme mental and emotional distress humiliation, torment and anxiety.  She ended up withdrawing the filing a few weeks later after Matt reportedly offered her a post-nup agreement and millions of dollars.