Lisa Loves Showbiz: James Franco Accused

January 9, 2018
Sunday night he was celebrating big after winning a Golden Globe for his performance in The Disaster Artist, but by Monday night James Franco might have lost some of his excitement after several woman went on twitter to accuse Franco of inappropriate behavior. Actress Violet Paley claimed Franco once sexually assaulted her and tried to lure her 17 year old friend to his hotel room. The indecent allegedly happened in New York where the age of consent is 17 years old. Paley was an adult at the time and admits she was in a consensual relationship, but that the alleged encounter was against her will. Paley claims she and Franco were in a car and he wanted her to perform a sex act which she said "no" to but felt forced into it. Another woman coming forward named Sarah Tither Kaplan, who was a student of Franco's acting school. She alleges that he exploited her by asking her to strip down on set for only $100 dollars a day after she signed a, "vague and general at best" contract. Sarah tweeted out, She also alleged that Franco failed to give actresses speaking roles unless the part involved nudity. Violet and Sarah not the only ones tweeting about James Franco, The Breakfast Club actress Ally Sheedy shared a series of cryptic tweets naming Franco who she worked with in 2014 on an off-Broadway play he was directing. Franco has not responded to any of these allegations, but backstage at the globes he did say this, "It's everyone's responsibility to stand up against sexual harassment and make a change in Hollywood."