Lisa Loves Showbiz: New Season of 'The Bachelor' Is In Full Swing

January 9, 2018
Ladies and gentleman, start your engines. The Bachelor has taken off. Race car driver, Ari Luyendyk Jr's, season is in full swing. Only two episodes in we have a villain and a nutsy. First, the villain. Her name is Krystal and she's been tapped as the villain because of her first date with Ari. Last night, after she had already met his family and scored a rose, she still insisted on time with Ari during the cocktail hour which is used mainly for the girls without roses to try to "woo" him to get one. Krystal interrupted the flow of women twice to chat with Ari which pissed off the ladies, especially Bibi. The former Miami Cheerleader who kept it real and nutsy calling Krystal a "selfish b*tch." Bibi was voted FHM Magazine's "America's Sexiest Cheerleader" back in 2006 and she's clearly not afraid to speak her mind which could cost her. Bibi did get a rose last night but Bachelor blogs say next week she is the only one who doesn't get a rose. But don't worry about Bibi, the blogs say she's on to another reality show. The Bachelor Nation say Bibi is on the cast list for Bachelor Winter Games (whatever that is).