Lisa Loves Showbiz: Mark Wahlberg Made Over 1,000 Times More Michelle Williams

January 10, 2018
This morning, outrage erupted over reports that Mark Wahlberg made over 1000 times more money than his co-star Michelle Williams on the re-shoots for All The Money In The World. They had to do several re-shoots after firing Kevin Spacey and according to USA Today, Wahlberg earned 1.5 million for the re-shoot, while Williams only received an 80 dollar per diem that amounted to less than $1000. Director Ridley Scott had to re-shoot much of the film and told USA Today that "everyone did it for free." Williams also told USA Today that she did agree to forgo a salary on the re-shoots because she appreciated the effort to recast the role. Apparently, not Mark. He walked away with a hefty 1.5 million which was never mentioned to Michelle. By the way, Mark and Michelle are both represented by the same agency.