Lisa Loves Showbiz: Stan Lee Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Nurses

January 10, 2018
Marvel creator, Stan Lee, at 95 years old is being accused of groping nurses who have been caring for him. A string of young female nurses claim that while they were taking care of Lee at his home, he would walk around naked, grope them, and demand sexual favors, which Lee denies. Through his attorney, Lee denies saying he is a victim of a "shakedown" and will not be blackmailed into paying anyone money. According to the Daily Mail, Stan is an old man who has lost his way, doesn't care what people think of him, he's lost his filter and according to this source, Stan finds harassing the nurses funny. The company who supplies the nurses says Stan has sexually harassed every single nurse that has been to the house including the owner of the company. The nurses were there to take Lee's blood pressure, bring him food and drinks, and make sure he takes his medicine. Since the allegations, Lee and the company have parted ways and he has hired another nursing company who says "Stan has been nothing but polite, kind and respectful" since they took over. The allegations of sexual assault and harassment are not Stan's only problem right now. Last week, someone stole close to a million dollars from him, using $850,000 to buy a condo that he had no idea about. As a result, the Beverly Hills Police Department are investigating. And to follow up on yesterday's story regarding the sexual accusations against James Franco, he was on with Stephen Colbert last night and had this to say about the situation: And lastly Michael Douglas also about to be accused of sexual harassment from an ex employee who claims he performed an act in front of her 30 years ago, he denies the story.