Lisa Loves Showbiz: Alex Trebek Returns To 'Jeopardy' After Operation

January 19, 2018

Photo by Anthony Behar


Jeopardy host, Alex Trebek, underwent surgery in December to remove blood clots from his brain after a bad fall in house in October. As a result, Jeopardy was put on hiatus while he recovered. The 77 year old game show host posted a video after surgery telling his fans thank you and explaining what happened. Good news for Jeopardy fans - he's back! Trebek is back filming and like many other syndicated games shows Jeopardy is taped months in advance, so the studio had plenty of unaired episodes already in can. The only change in schedule will be delaying the shows annual college championship to April. Helen Mirren, The Queen, says men would expose themselves to her once a week in her 20's. In a preview of Helen's interview with Sunday's 'Today Show' interview, she revealed to Willie Geist that although she never experienced sexual harassment in Hollywood she was still exposed to men exposing themselves to her about once a week. She did say she never experienced sexual harassment in Hollywood because she says when she came to Hollywood she was in her 30's, too old she said adding, "It doesn't happen to you unless you're very young."