Photo by Anthony Behar/Sipa USA

Lisa Loves Showbiz: Kevin Hart Gets Drunk and Goes Onstage At Superbowl LII

February 5, 2018

If you are watching The Bachelor this season, then you Bekah M the cute 22 year old girl with the short hair. Over the weekend she went viral last week after a fan recognized her from a missing person list. The story goes, Bekah reportedly called her mom on November 12th using a friends cell phone and told her mom she was going to work on a pot farm in Humboldt County and would see her on November 18th. When mom had still not heard from her on that day she filed a missing persons report. She did eventually get a call from her daughter the next day saying she wasn't missing and was heading home, but she didn't head home instead she headed to The Bachelor and remained on the missing persons list, until a fan recognized her on the show and called the police. Bekah eventually called her mom and all is good except that she is not happy with the photo they used as the missing person photo saying, "Honestly the scariest thing about this whole story is that my efforts to conceal the worst drivers license photo of all time have been thwarted." She feels shamed, and speaking of shame, shame on Kevin Hart for forgetting he was on live TV and dropped an F bomb. Hart is a hard core Eagles fan and when the NFL brought him on stage on their NFL Game Day Prime Post Game show this happened: Oopsy, he was immediately escorted off the stage by Deion Sanders and then felt bad about his childish behavior and made this Instagram telling kids not to do drink (WARNING: Strong language): Hope that hangover isn't too bad.