Amazon Workers File Lawsuit Questioning Company's COVID-19 Contact Tracing Efforts

June 8, 2020

    Three Amazon warehouse employees have filed a lawsuit that calls the company's contact tracing efforts into question as it pertains to the coronavirus.

    Derrick Palmer, one of the three employees, reported to CNBC that he had told his employer when he cam in contact with someone who had tested positive for the coronavirus. Instead of having him stay home and quarantine, he was asked to report to work as usual the next day.

    Now, the lawsuit is claiming that the company has failed to follow proper protocol to protect its workers against the virus.

    The lawsuit, filed last Wednesday, echoes the complaints of other warehouse workers, politicians, and state attorneys general. It alleges that the company has "sought to create a facade of compliance" but has partaken in "sloppy contact tracing."

    The lawsuit does not aim to seek financial damages but instead, hopes that Amazon will be required to follow public health standards.

    Amazon has told CNBC in a statement that it has always followed the guidance of local and state authorities. The company claims to follow CDC guidelines as well, and has a process which includes reviewing camera footage of where employees in contact with the virus have been.

    According to Amazon, 91 facilities have passed inspection by state health and safety regulatory agencies since March.

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