Ford Tells Office Workers They're Not Returning Until 2021

August 13, 2020

    (WWJ) Ford has told employees who are working from home to settle in because they won't be coming back into their offices anytime this year.

    Ford had originally set a goal of getting office workers back in July then moved it to September. Now CEO Jim Hackett says the target date is January -- at the earliest

    The workers who need to be in facilities have been back for a while. 

    In the meantime, like many businesses Ford is coming to terms with a different culture that may extend following the pandemic. Hackett says many workers have said they prefer doing their jobs remotely and Ford is trying to figure out the best way to proceed post pandemic.

    The company is also investigating if they need as much office space as they occupy if 30,000 salaried employees end up with a choice, as many expect, about whether to work from home full-time, return to the office or create a blended schedule with both.

    "The workplace you left is not the workplace you're returning to," Kiersten Robinson, Ford's chief human resources officer, told the Free Press about what workers should expect post-coronavirus.

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