A cheesy pizza from Pizza Hut

Shannon O'Hara

Where to Get Free or Cheap Stuff on Pi Day

Pizza Pi(e) Anyone?

March 14, 2019

Pi Day is the most fun you can have with food and irrational numbers. Every March 14 (3/14—because the number pi is 3.14 for all the non-math people out there) restaurants and stores around the country go nuts with deals on pizzas and pies. If you’re looking for free or cheap eats this Pi Day, here’s where you can find them.

Blaze Pizza

The fast casual chain sometimes called “the Chipotle of pizza” is offering any pizza for just $3.14 to anyone who downloads the Blaze Pizza app.


The chain known for its wide range of toppings and sauces is offering up a buy one get one for $3.14 deal to customers for Pi Day


Is free or cheap pizza not enough for you this Pi Day? Then why not take advantage of the quickly growing chain &Pizza’s special, running since 2016: Pi Day weddings. They will offer free catering, photography and all the wedding essentials to couples willing to tie the knot in their stores.


Sure, they’re more known for their Slurpees, but the convenience store slings plenty of pizzas too. For Pi Day they’ve 50 cent slices and up to two whole pizzas for $3.14 each.

Pizza Hut

In an attempt to not let anyone out pizza them, the hut is offering three medium one topping pizzas for just $5

Papa John’s

The pizza chain that made Kentucky famous is offering a good deal, though not one that plays into the fun of 3.14159: 25% off any regular menu order.

Marie Callendar’s

It’s not all about pizza. On the sweet side of things the queen of pie chain restaurants Marie Callendar is offerinfg a free slice of pie with any full price entrée if you use this coupon.

Stop & Shop

The national grocery chain is offering its small 8-inch pumpkin and apple pies for just $3.14.

White Castle

A breakfast slider combo (that’s two sliders, tots and a cup of coffee) for $3.14. No, there’s not any actual pie involved in this deal. But it’s White Castle, so do you really care about that? Just show them this coupon and you’ll be in business


Broadening out the types of food you can get on Pi Day, meal subscription service Plated is offering free desert for a year for first time subscribers who use the code “PiDay” by March 14.


For those of you not actually interested in eating your savings on Pi Day, Amazon is offering 10% off on Raspberry Pi computer kits.