September 12, 2018


Date: Saturday, September 15th
Time: 9 to 3pm
Address: Marina Green Park - 386 E Shoreline Dr, Long Beach, CA 90802

Friends, the Japanese Classic Car Show is growing up. While it’s still going to be your favorite show all year, with all of the special kyu-sha that you have come to know and love, we have made a number of changes that are going to make this the biggest and best year ever!

First is our exciting new location: Marina Green Park, located at 386 E Shoreline Dr, Long Beach, CA 90803. This new-for-JCCS location, located across the bay from the Queen Mary, remains near the water and offers room for more than 500 cars plus the usual manufacturers’ displays and our 55+ vendor booths. Better still, this venue offers plenty of street and venue parking (ie, the Long Beach Convention Center), at a cheaper rate than you’ve been paying ($15 max, maybe less with validations from local restaurants and shops!). There is ample pedestrian room along Shoreline Drive to get to the venue.

Also, we recognize that time marches on, and that yesterday’s new car becomes today’s classic with the passage of time.As the years rolled on, we felt that our 1985-generation limit had grown too constrictive. And so, we are announcing that we are now allowing cars built through 1995 (and later cars of that generation): that means FC RX7s, DC Integras, NA Miatas, Mk3 Supras, R32 Skylines, and many more are now eligible to join us on the show field at JCCS.

The epicenter of the Japanese classic-car movement is the annual JCCS event in Long Beach. Every year the owners of the cars that come to JCCS raise their game. Japanese cars are now established as classics, not just “old cars,” and we treat them as such. There will always be customs and modified cars, but there is also a renewed interest in originality and restoration. The hobby is evolving and growing in all directions. It’s happened under our noses, as we watched. Come join us for the next phase of the hobby’s evolution in September 15, 2018.